Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The basic facts about energy

The United Nations estimates that 2 billion people a day are still cooking with open fires

Respiratory disease is the fifth-leading cause of death in the developing world, and 1.6 million people per year die from breathing wood smoke

Rural Energy in India Scenario

Biomass (firewood, agriculture residue and dried dung) as the primary fuel for cooking in 86% of the rural households (approx. 700 million pop.)

Lack of access to commercial energy
Only 43% of the rural households have access to electricity.
Use of LPG and Kerosene for cooking restricted due to low availability and low purchasing power.

Increase in Crude Oil Prize

“The oil price will increase from 60 to 250 US Dollar per Barrel”
Matthew R. Simmons, Investmentbanker, Housten/Texas Z├╝richer Tageszeitung, 23.07.2005

Oil expert Matthew Simmons is chief of an investmentbank in Houston/Texas. The bank has organised oil business in a volume of 63 billion US Dollar. Simmons is member of the energy task force of Vice president Dick Cheney. Simmons predicts in his new book “Twilight in the Desert: The coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy” that the oil price will be four times higher then now.

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nkhl said...

ye reddy, etla unnav ra. oil price will never reach $250, even that investment guru knows it well. dont be so dumb to believe it. well ur concern for AP rural energy is commendable. arthemayindaaaaaaaa ??????